WEF Selects Enviro Voraxial Technology to Discuss Voraxial Separator at Technology Conference

Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. announced that Water Environment Federation (WEF) has selected their company to be a guest speaker at its upcoming conference. "Technology 2005, 2nd Joint Specialty Conference for Sustainable Management of Water Quality Systems for the 21st Century," will be held in San Francisco on Aug. 28-31, 2005.
Enviro Voraxial Technology was selected by WEF because of the efficiencies and economic benefits that the Voraxial Grit Separator provides to the municipal wastewater industry. The Voraxial Grit Separator's efficiency exceeds that of existing technology by greater than 20%. This enhanced separation performance and significant operating cost savings result from: 1) increased efficiency of the grit solids removal, 2) decreased pump and tank maintenance costs, 3) extended time period between tank cleanings, and 4) reduced solids loading in clarifiers and sludge handling facilities.
The performance, benefits and unique design of the Voraxial Separator have resulted in current discussions with some of the world's largest corporations regarding licensing, strategic alliances, specialized product development and sales opportunities. The performance of the Voraxial Separator can be applied in other industries, such as oil and mining, yielding significantly higher efficiencies than existing technologies.
The 2nd Joint Specialty Conference for Sustainable Management of Water Quality Systems for the 21st Century is sponsored by: Water Environment Federation (WEF); European Water Association (EWA); Japan Sewage Works Association (JSWA); and the California Water Environment Association (CWEA).
At this conference, leading engineers and scientists from all over the
world will exchange the latest findings and successful case studies
highlighting new technologies, novel applications of established technologies, and innovative solutions to historical operational challenges and to emerging issues. The sponsors are particularly interested in providing a forum for sharing information on state-of-the-art practices with potential applications in the United States.

Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc.

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