Nov 08, 2021

Editorial Letter: Resources & Webinars

This editorial letter originally appeared in iWWD 2021 Fall issue as "Resources & Webinars"

Bob Crossen

In the last issue of iWWD, we published an article on the Multi-Sector General Permit from Stanley Consultants. It was the first part in a three-part series on the MSGP and provided context to this issue’s article and the upcoming article in December.

This month, author Trent Humphrey shares some guidance and best practices for how to prepare for the MSGP. From sampling styles to sampling locations, this article will give you the tools and guidance necessary to ensure your compliance with the new permitting rules. In the December issue, we will cover the technologies and solutions to keep in mind for maintaining or reaching compliance, including the cost considerations those solutions require.

But that is not our only resource on this matter. In June, we hosted a panel webinar on the topic to go over the permitting rules, how to prepare for them and the solutions to consider. This webinar gives you access to all this information in one place, so make sure to register and watch the it for all the information you need on this topic.

And while you’re at it, be sure to also register for a webinar on water reuse, which will go into even more depth than the reuse article of this issue. The author of that article, Bob Salvatelli will present on water reuse options for industrial wastewater facilities, when it makes sense and how to go about managing it. Use the links below to watch these webinars:

• MSGP Panel:

• Water Reuse:

About the author

Bob Crossen is senior managing editor of WWD and iWWD. Crossen can be reached at