Feb 26, 2016

WaterSmart Launches Platform for Small Water Utilities

The majority of America's water utilities serve rural areas and work on limited budgets

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WaterSmart Software, a water utility customer engagement platform provider, has announced the launch of WaterSmart Essential, a new version of its platform designed specifically for small water utilities. The majority of America’s water utilities are rural suppliers, municipal agencies and regional cooperatives that service small areas and work with limited budgets. WaterSmart Essential meets the unique needs of these smaller organizations by offering a tailored mobile and web communications and analytics platform at an easily affordable price point.

“Based on our work with more than 50 utilities across the country, we developed WaterSmart Essential to deliver the perfect communications and analytics solution for smaller utilities,” said Robin Gilthorpe, WaterSmart CEO. “We’re delighted that all utilities—not just the largest ones—can now enjoy a range of operational benefits by deepening engagement with customers.”

WaterSmart Essential provides an array of analytic tools that help utilities better understand customer consumption patterns, identify meter reading anomalies, and detect potential leaks at the customer site. The software also amplifies communication with customers by providing personalized and timely usage information, water saving suggestions and critical system notifications over web, mobile, text and voice. WaterSmart Essential is ideal for utilities that serve fewer than 7,500 customer accounts and is available for a low-cost, monthly subscription fee.

"There are over 150,000 public water systems in the United States, and while large systems serve 82% of the population, they only account for 8% of all water systems. As a result, 92% of water authorities represent smaller groups of customers,” said Seth Cutler, senior industry analyst at Frost and Sullivan. “This disparity has meant many traditional municipal water service providers focus on a small proportion of water authorities and underserve smaller water systems nationwide. WaterSmart is taking important steps to open up smart water and data analytics services to smaller water utilities that need the benefits of data, but do not have access to the financial resources of large municipal water utilities."