Dec 28, 2000

Waterlink Announces, Providing Online Access to Lease Financing and Information

CANTON, Ohio-- Waterlink, Inc. an international provider of water
purification and wastewater treatment solutions, has announced the launch of , a new website that enables companies and municipalities
in the United States to explore and apply online for competitive lease financing
for water and wastewater projects.
The new site, which can be accessed directly or from Waterlink's site,, provides lease financing options to cover virtually every
aspect of a project, including equipment costs, consulting costs, installation
and related costs, field service and training costs and scheduled maintenance
"Water and wastewater projects are significant undertakings, yet they
can often be completed on favorable terms when financing options are
available," said T. Scott King, Waterlink's president and chief executive
officer. " responds to our customers' interest in
exploring cost-effective ways to secure critical water or wastewater solutions
without a major capital outlay and with a funding period more in line with the
use of the solution. This new site will reinforce Waterlink's industry
leadership by giving users a valuable tool to enhance their project planning. also reflects Waterlink's commitment to leverage the Internet
to enhance our relationships with our customers."
Waterlink has partnered with an established lease-financing institution to
develop the program.
To meet the varied needs of companies and municipalities, Waterlink offers a
small market and large market program at the site. The small market program, for
financing up to $100,000, allows users to choose from financing options at
pre-approved rates. Monthly payments can be calculated easily at the site by the
customer, and lease applications can be submitted online. Applicants are
notified of their credit award within just 24 hours of supplying all necessary
credit information. Lease agreements also are provided online.
The large market program, for projects in excess of $100,000, provides lease
financing rates based on the type of equipment desired and the customer's credit
standing. Payments can be estimated online. Under this program, a formal lease
proposal can be submitted to the customer within 48 hours of receiving all
required credit and equipment information.
Waterlink provides three types of lease options at the site.
* The Fair Market Value option, which affords the lowest monthly payment,
allows customers to buy the equipment for its fair value, or return the
equipment, at the end of the lease. This option is best if customers desire a
short-term or interim solution.
* The 10% Purchase Option is ideal for customers that need a long-term
solution and prefer a lower monthly lease payment while securing their
end-of-term purchase cost.
* The $1 Buyout Option, also for customers seeking a long-term solution,
includes monthly payments similar to a secured loan.
"The availability of lease financing can enable qualifying companies to
install water or wastewater treatment solutions at a cost that can be
competitive with their costs for surcharges or waste disposal," said Marc
Mucci, director of lease financing at Waterlink. "By providing this 'lease-
to-own' program, we hope to give both users and providers of water and
wastewater services new alternatives for their projects."
SOURCE: Waterlink, Inc.