WaterInfoCenter Introduces Problem Solver Case Histories

The Problem Solver section is intended to provide visitors to WaterInfoCenter with suggestions and help in solving various problems they encounter while working in the water industry.

The suppliers and experts in the industry have provided case histories called Problem Solvers, which detail the problem encountered, and the solutions used to solve the problem.

A Search box is provided to allow the visitor to look for specific problems by entering a word or series of words to search the text and headlines of the problem solvers.

Why are there Problem Solvers?

Users of our web site, industry professionals, have indicated in surveys that they come to the site for a variety of reasons. There were four main responses, which were:

  • Searching for a manufacturer of a product type;
  • Information on a specific manufacturer or product;
  • Information on specific topics related to the industry;
  • Help in solving problems they encounter in their day-to-day work.
  • We have found the user knows the problem they have but not the solution, or how to go about addressing the solution. The Problem Solvers address the user's need, from the problem side, for information. We know these types of features work, as similar items are among the top lead generators in our printed magazines.

    We welcome everyone to take a look at the Problem Solvers and to send their comments.


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