Apr 26, 2004

Will Donald Trump Coke or Pepsi Bottled Waters?

The lastest branding move for real estate developer Donald Trump is Trump Ice, a new brand of bottled water.

The source of the no-sodium bottled water is Laurel Run, Pa. Its label features Trump's face and coat of arms.

The product developed from Trump's casinos, which offered it to its patrons. "It was so good that people wanted to buy cases of it," Trump said.

Could such a product compete with giants such as Coke or Pepsi's Dasani and Aquafina bottled waters? Trump doesn't actually say that he is trying to compete with such companies. He added that, "People involved in my properties like me. I am doing it for them," he told Beverage Digest.

Although the bottled water has seen limited distribution in such places as Palm Beach, Fla., and Gristede Supermarkets in New York, there is a chance of national shipping and sales. One retailer in Florida reported requests for the water as far as Australia.