Groundwater Regulations & Policy Update With NGWA | WWD Weekly Digest

March 10, 2022
For Groundwater Awareness Week, hear from Nation Ground Water Association government affairs manager Ben Frech on all things groundwater.

Between the County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund, the WOTUS Sackett case and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding, the groundwater sector has been busy. And the outcome of the major cases of law could have lasting effects across the water sector as a whole.

For Groundwater Awareness Week, Ben Frech, governmental affairs manager for the National Ground Water Association, talks through those three major talking points and also shares an overview of the regulations NGWA is keeping top of mind for its members. Additionally, Frech explains the role NGWA is trying to play for all these items and how groundwater concerns differ from state to state.


  • Intro | 0:00
  • Overview of the groundwater arena of the water sector | 0:54
  • How CDLs impact groundwater professionals’ businesses | 4:00
  • Maui NPDES permitting and “functional equivalent” draft guidance | 4:49
  • Bipartisan Infrastructure Law groundwater funding | 7:38
  • State revolving funds lie at the core of water funding in the U.S. | 10:11
  • Waters of the United States and the Sackett case | 11:09
  • Ramifications of the court cases for the water sector | 14:00
  • State level policy and regulations of 14:55
  • Outro | 17:27

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