Collins Park WTP Basin Upgrades | WWD Weekly Digest

Nov. 25, 2021
The Collins Park WTP basin upgrades were a critical part of the plant’s capital plan for expansion, netting a 30% capacity increase.

The Basin 7 & 8 Improvements project for the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant was one of several concurrent projects conducted by the utility. By completing this project, the plant expanded its capacity by 30%, a size so large the city hired a construction manager to handle the projects for them.

Hear Shawn Tooman, project manager for Mosser Construction; Jim Donnell, senior professional engineer for the city of Toledo; Andy McClure, water plant administrator for the city of Toledo; and Kurt Smith, project manager with Arcadis discuss the ins and outs of the project, advanced technologies used, and how they overcame inaccurate drawings of the facility from the 1950s with laser scanning to get the proper elevation datum.

  • Owner: City of Toledo, Ohio
  • Designer: Arcadis, Black & Veatch, Vision Design Group, Dmytryka Jacobs Engineers, Inc.
  • Contractor: Mosser Construction, Colgan-Davis, Mondo Mechanical


  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Project size and scale: (0:48)
  • Project delivery method: (1:32)
  • What it took to manage concurrent projects at the plant: (2:11)
  • Community size and geographic size: (3:27)
  • Capital improvement plan priorities and needs: (4:43)
  • Inaccurate drawings overcome by laser scanning: (6:09)
  • Changes to soil preloading due to the construction timeline: (7:48)
  • Security of construction site and completed basins: (9:33)
  • Shoutouts: (12:23)
  • Outro: (18:05)

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