ACEC California Applauds Gov. Brown’s Delta Water Proposal

July 27, 2012
Plan focuses on improvements to the Sacramento, San Joaquin river delta

The American Council of Engineering Companies, California (ACEC California) commended Gov. Jerry Brown for announcing a plan to make California’s water supply dramatically more safe and stable, while improving environmental quality. 

The governor’s plan focuses on major improvements to the Sacramento and San Joaquin river delta, which is widely regarded as the hub of California’s water supply.

“The governor has today laid out a thoughtful and considered plan that balances California’s economic water needs with fish stock protection, water quality improvements and wetlands restoration,” said Paul Meyer, executive director of ACEC California. “The governor’s proposal will not only confer once it is complete immense long-term economic and environmental benefits on California, in addition during its design and construction phase this major project will create thousands of quality jobs during a difficult economic time,” he added.

“This is exactly the kind of large-scale engineering challenge in which California engineering, surveying and environmental consulting firms excel, and our members look forward to the opportunity to help make the governor’s vision a reality,” Meyer said.

Source: ACEC