American Water’s Paul Gagliardo Gives Keynote Address at Water Infrastructure Summit

May 21, 2012
Speech focused on American Water's Innovation Development Process

American Water, a publicly traded water and wastewater utility company, announced Paul Gagliardo, manager of Innovation Development, presented a keynote address at the Water Infrastructure Summit in Washington, D.C.

Gagliardo’s presentation focused on American Water’s Innovation Development Process, an initiative that leverages the company's position and expertise as the nation's largest water and wastewater services provider to develop, test and produce new technologies that create greater efficiencies and operational improvements in water reuse, desalination, wastewater operations and bioenergy.

“American Water is committed to leading the way in the research and development of innovations that benefit our customers,” said Gagliardo. “Additionally, these innovations benefit the water industry by generating new solutions for other water and wastewater service providers.”

American Water’s Innovation Development Process is achieving results through numerous innovation approaches that range from connecting to the Smart Grid through a partnership with Enbala Power Networks to investing in the deployment of the company’s patented NPXpress wastewater treatment process, both of which were discussed in his presentation. Gagliardo also discussed the company’s exploration of the deployment of smart water meter systems that have the potential to seamlessly integrate existing and new technologies.

Hosted by the Water Innovations Alliance, the Water Infrastructure Summit brings together industry experts involved with public water policy on the local, regional or national level to discuss smart water network and other water infrastructure issues.

Source: American Water