UltraStrip to Partner With the Allbaugh Company Signaling New Era for Restoring Safe Water Worldwide

June 8, 2005

UltraStrip Systems, Inc., the Stuart, Fla.-based water-engineering company, has signed a business-development agreement with Joe M. Allbaugh, president and CEO of The Allbaugh Company, LLC of Washington, D.C. The new agreement will explore joint ventures worldwide.

The immediate objective of the partnership is to accelerate UltraStrip and its new Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. subsidiary into its growth phase in the multibillion-dollar water industry. The rising global demand for water is lifting water stocks to new levels with industry sales estimated in the hundreds of billions, according to the May 23 issue of Barron's .

"The demand for pure, clean drinking water is rising along with the world's population," Allbaugh said. "UltraStrip, through its Ecosphere Technologies subsidiary and the nation's first EPA-verified Homeland Security emergency water-filtration system, is in a strong position to take advantage of this worldwide demand for water restoration."

"Joe Allbaugh's domestic and international government experience, his work as Bush-Cheney 2000 Campaign Manager and as a founding member of the president's Homeland Security Advisory Council make him a unique and indispensable guide," said Steve Johnson, UltraStrip CEO.

"As FEMA Director," said Thomas Von Essen, former New York City fire commissioner on 9/11, senior vice president of Giuliani Partners and UltraStrip Advisory board member, "Joe Allbaugh coordinated the federal government's $8.8 billion response to the September 11 terrorist attacks and distinguished himself in providing emergency needs assessments as well as response and recovery strategies."

"Every successful company," said J.C. "Jim" Rushing III, UltraStrip Chief Financial Officer, "has that early stage development partnership that takes it to the next level. Microsoft had I.B.M., UltraStrip has The Allbaugh Company.”

Source: UltraStrip Systems, Inc.