Texas PBS Station to Air Water Documentary Tonight

Feb. 3, 2005

"Texas: The State of Water-Finding a Balance," a documentary narrated by Walter Cronkite, will air on KWBU-TV tonight at 8 p.m.

"The greatness of Texas, its future, its well-being and its prosperity depend on its people understanding the vital role played by the wise and equitable distribution of its water supply," said Cronkite, who donated his services to the documentary project.

Topics explored in the documentary include the controversial "rule of capture," an overview of agencies and laws that regulate surface water and groundwater, river instream flows, water lawsuits, controversies involving environmental river flow permits, how water use affects endangered species and other aquatic life, water rights permitting, proposed reservoirs, water as a commodity, interbasin water transfers from one river basin to another, and how river inflows affect the ecological health of bays and estuaries.

The documentary concludes with what people can do to help, including ways to conserve water, enhance groundwater recharge and retention, improve housing developments, and get involved as volunteers.

The "Texas: the State of Water" 2005 communications initiative is funded in part by underwriting sponsor The Boone Pickens Foundation, A Communities Foundation of Texas Fund, patron sponsor Brazos Mutual Funds, and supporting sponsors San Antonio River Authority, Brazos River Authority and Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority.

The documentary is part of a broader public information initiative that began in July 2002 with the first of an annual series of special issues of the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine devoted to water issues.

The July 2005 special issue will focus on groundwater, explaining what groundwater is, how it works and why readers should care.

Source: Lone Star Iconoclast