President Bush Prefers U.S. Bottled Water in Mexico

Jan. 13, 2004

Apparently for President Bush it was BYOB … water, that is … at this week's summit in Mexico. It seems he won't drink the water there, not even Mexican bottled water, preferring a brand from the United States, according to a report yesterday by Associated Press writer Eloy O. Aguilar.

For his meeting with Mexican President Vicente Fox on Monday, Bush was seen toting his own U.S.-bottled water. At some point during the discussion, Bush reportedly prodded his Mexican counterpart, picking up his bottled water and saying: "Let's talk about this," Fox's spokesman, Agustin Gutierrez, told Aguilar.

His comment apparently referred to Mexico's sizeable water debt to the United States.

Fox responded that he felt he had paid his annual water dues but recognized that there was still a larger debt to be paid, Gutierrez said.

Bush then noted that many Mexican dams were still at good levels after this year's heavy rainy season.

Source: The Associated Press