Blue Water Releases New Phosphorous Removal Technology

Dec. 2, 2003

Blue Water Technologies, Inc. has recently made a new phosphorus removal technology commercially available. The water treatment system, known as the Vandal-ION™ process, is capable of lowering the concentrations of phosphorus in wastewater to very low levels.

This fall a pilot project was completed at the Moscow, Idaho wastewater treatment plant. Total phosphorus influent averaging 776 ppb was lowered to an average of 59 ppb. This result easily meets Moscow’s discharge permit level of 136 ppb. Two other troublesome water quality parameters, turbidity and biological oxygen demand, were also lowered significantly.

Additional process optimization can lower the phosphorus concentrations even further. The technology is capable of reaching a non-detect (less than 10 ppb) level for phosphorus with a multi-stage system, dependent on the influent concentration.

Source: Blue Water Inc.