Pure Performance: Tuas Desalination Plant, Singapore

April 27, 2020

Pure performance at the Tuas Desalination Plant, Singapore.

As a densely urbanized island nation, Singapore faces an ongoing challenge to keep up with ever-increasing demand for potable water. The $217 million Tuas Desalination Plant can produce up to 30 million gallons of drinking water per day. As a global flagship desalination project and the most technologically advanced desalination facility in the world, the plant uses the most reliable and cost-effective measurement solutions to maintain high-quality production in line with constant demand.

Global significance

The Tuas Desalination Plant opened in June 2018 and is a state-of-the-art facility producing enough drinking water to serve around 200,000 households. This project has worldwide significance because desalination is becoming a more important source of freshwater. At a time when water scarcity is emerging as a serious global issue, the sea is the most dependable resource on the planet as rainfall becomes less predictable and groundwater is depleted at an unsustainable rate in many areas.

Measuring success

The plant is operated by PUB, Singapore’s national utility company who have unrivalled experience in this area with two other plants in service for some time. The new plant means that desalination now provides 30% of the nation’s potable water. As a public utility, PUB needed to ensure that the measurement solutions used were both cost-effective and future-ready, meeting the needs of the world’s most technologically advanced desalination plant, ensuring trouble-free production of high-quality product for decades to come.

A complete solution

PUB selected ABB to provide measurement solutions based on our comprehensive portfolio, sector specific experience, track record of delivering on time and on budget, and our full-service offering including specification assistance and ongoing maintenance. The ABB solution for the Tuas Desalination Plant includes 266 series pressure transmitters, on-line analyzers of conductivity and chemical content, and WaterMaster flowmeters complete with VeriMaster software to ensure enhanced operability and constant availability and accuracy.

ABB is proud to be part of this globally significant project and to play a role in its ongoing success.

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