WEFTEC Gets Bigger & Better

Nov. 9, 2007

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The WEFTEC show has always been big, but this year’s attendance redefined that statement. A record-setting 19,929 people attended WEFTEC.07, and 1,017 companies exhibited at the show.

Although the weather wasn’t terrific, the show shined inside the San Diego Convention Center as industry activists were rewarded for their hard work, companies displayed new innovations and attendees absorbed everything they could to do their jobs more efficiently.

New technology

Milwaukee-based company Danfoss Drives displayed its new active filter solution, which virtually eliminates harmonic distortion in water and wastewater applications. This maximizes grid capacity, system efficiency and reliability.

The company’s active filter solution, engineered to mitigate harmonics to a lower level than passive and 18-pulse options from any point of installation, is different, according to Henrik Gedde Moos, director for Danfoss Drives.

“The active filter will adapt to and perform in a dynamic set of conditions with variations in the installation while improving the power factor and canceling harmonic distortion for significantly improved grid capacity, efficiency and reliability,” Moos said.

Hard work rewarded

Donald Gray, John Hake and Sambhunath Ghosh received the Eddy Wastewater Principles or Processes Medal from the Water Environment Federation (WEF). The three recipients were recognized for introducing methods, analysis and models used for selecting a particular thermophilic digestion process; these contributions are expected to spur additional research and improvements in achieving Class A biosolids.

Dr. Julian Sandino, a wastewater treatment fellow and assistant director of technology for CH2M Hill, received the 2007 Engelbrecht International Achievement Award from WEF. Sandino leads and assists sanitary infrastructure and environmental projects worldwide. His work has included process evaluations and designs of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities that use both aerobic and anaerobic biological processes.

Raising the MBR bar

Koch Membrane Systems unveiled its new PURON module for membrane bioreactor (MBR) applications at WEFTEC.07. The submerged membrane module features greater packing density, lower energy costs for aeration and simplified installation while providing even greater compatibility with other commercially available systems.

The introduction of the new 1,500-sq-m module is significant because it is specifically designed for large-scale MBR projects. The PURON modules can now be ordered in configurations with 1,500, 500, 235 or 30 sq m of membrane area.

International participation

Nihon Genryo, a Japanese company, demonstrated its Saito Tank, a filtration system with no need for filter replacement.

The burden on filters has increased due to a rapid deterioration of raw water. Large filtration plants in Japan recycle used filter media after being washed as a part of plant rehabilitation work. Filter media replacements, however, are performed every six months to five years in small plants and private enterprise systems. Although used filter media can be recycled when washed and rehabilitated, they are typically disposed as industrial waste.

Because of these issues, Nihon Genryo has developed the Saito Tank filtration system. The company uses the patented media-cleaning principle to implement a built-in cleaning device and conduct rehabilitation work. By regularly washing filter media with a kneading action, even stubborn sludge that cannot be washed with a conventional system can be removed. Thus, the system can help maintain high filtration water quality and efficiency levels.

New alarm systems

ADS recently announced and showcased the release of three new alarm systems—FlowAlert, RainAlert II and ADS Spider.

A depth-based alarm system for wastewater collection system monitoring, the FlowAlert supports float switches and a depth sensor, and it provides date- and time-stamped depth notification. The wireless system can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or as part of a comprehensive flow-monitoring network.

The RainAlert II, a wireless rain gauge, alerts operators via text or e-mail messages when rainfall intensity exceeds a critical threshold. The system is ideal for combined sewer overflow and sanitary sewer overflow monitoring, rehabilitation effectiveness monitoring and sewer capacity studies.

The ADS Spider with built-in Web server is a stand-alone system capable of monitoring inputs, controlling outputs, alarm dialing and data logging. Applications include monitoring of water quality, water treatment, combined sewer overflow and pump stations. It can communicate via SMS text messages, e-mail, voice and Internet without the installation of any software.

Looking ahead

More than 750 companies have already reserved 263,000 sq ft of floor space at McCormick Place in Chicago for WEFTEC.08, which is scheduled to take place Oct. 18 to 22, 2008.

Visit www.weftec.org for updates and more information.

Meet the editors

The WWD editorial and sales team was pleased to meet so many industry professionals at our annual “Meet the Editors” event. WWD uses this event to network with old friends and make new connections in the industry. We want to thank everybody who took time out of their schedules to talk with us over food and drinks. It was a pleasure!

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