Advocating Membrane Technology

Nov. 2, 2006

About the author: Ben Movahed is AMTA publication chair. Contact the AMTA at 772/463-0820 or by e-mail at [email protected].

The American Membrane Technology Association (AMTA) is a national nonprofit organization that has become the leading advocate of membrane technology in the U.S. The association was formed in 1973 to promote the improvement of national water supplies through desalting, reuse and other water sciences and was formerly known as the American Desalting Association.

Currently, the AMTA is an affiliate of the International Desalting Association and is affiliated with the Southeast Desalting Association, South Central Desalting Association and the newly formed Southwest Membrane Operator Association.

AMTA membership consists of public and regulatory agencies, industrial users, water suppliers, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, consultants and academics.

Information source

Membrane technologies have emerged in recent years as viable and cost-effective treatment alternatives for difficult-to-treat water, desalination, contaminant removal and compliance with increasingly stringent water regulations and standards. As a leading advocate of these technologies, the AMTA provides broad opportunities for the exchange of technical, operational, managerial and financial information among those interested in any of the membrane technologies, from low pressure membranes (microfiltration and ultrafiltration) to brackish water and seawater reverse osmosis, as well as membrane bioreactors for wastewater and electrodialysis reversal.

As the demand for new potable water supplies is increasing worldwide, membrane technologies are increasingly being utilized for providing various solutions. Coupled with this are continued improvements and increased efficiencies of these technologies, which require users to have full knowledge of the changes, newer materials and higher-efficiency systems. Information on the latest technologies and techniques can easily be obtained by attending AMTA events at which industry leaders are exhibiting, providing technical presentations and sharing their global experiences.

Regulatory involvement

The AMTA is also actively involved in legislative and regulatory advocacy and continuously provides input on membrane technology to Congress, state legislatures, state and federal regulatory agencies and the media. AMTA has a representative in Washington, D.C. who monitors the development and implementation of state and federal regulations, and informs AMTA members and the Board of Directors to take the necessary actions.

In summary, the AMTA is the only national organization dedicated to the application and improvements of membrane technologies.

If you are interested in learning about any type, use or form of membrane systems, visit the AMTA website ( for information on membership and a calendar of conferences and workshops.

About the Author

Ben Movahed

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