Filter Housing Design Fits Height, Seismic Stress Needs

Nov. 12, 2002

About the author: For further information, phone Eden Equipment Company at 714-842-8181.

Occasionally, height is an issue in a filtration system's housing design. A few years ago, Eden Equipment Company of Huntington Beach, Calif., was approached by a client with just this issue.

Eden had considered making a horizontal vessel for some time, but it had not come to pass until this customer expressed an urgent need for just such a vessel.

Due to the client's specific requirements for their system, Eden's original ideas and drawings for this horizontal vessel needed to be redesigned. In addition to the height restrictions on their system, they also needed a design that could withstand a Seismic Zone 4 earthquake.

The final design consists of a high flow EFCT or EFCF housing with a molded FRP vent flange on the top and a molded drain flange on the bottom. The housings are supported by concrete filled saddle shells that are also molded to the barrel. And the saddles have 5/8-in. anchor bolts embedded into the concrete according to the Uniform Building Code's Seismic Zone 4 specifications.

The housings also are mounted to a galvanized, epoxy-coated, carbon steel skid that has also been designed with Seismic Zone 4 stress considerations in mind.

The lid of the housing is operated by a double-hinged davit arm welded to a davit plate and also mounted to the skid. Toggle-clamp lifters are mounted into the lid's end plate to allow for easy opening, and the lid and davit arm work together like a door so that no heavy lifting is required.

The general scope of this structure falls under Section 1634 of the 1997 Uniform Building Code. Due to its low amount of base shear and its proximity to ground level, Eden has found it to be an exception to many seismic stress considerations. This makes it a suitable housing for seagoing vessels, offshore drilling rigs, or any other place where lateral forces play a part in the design process.

The overall height of the EFCT Horizontal Series is approximately 42 in. and the EFCF Horizontal Series is approximately 52 in. The flow rates, pressure ratings and temperature ratings are respectively the same as the standard housings that Eden offers, and the FRP barrel design makes it unique.

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