All-stainless Tapping Sleeve Installed in Boca Raton Florida

Dec. 28, 2000
Problem Solvers

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The managers at Boca Raton Service Company made a decision to tap into their 48-in. ductile water line. They wanted to make sure they had the best possible tapping sleeve available. The water line comes directly from the water plant and feeds all of the city's water supply. The tap would be 36 in. into the 48 in. main line to provide a backup supply of water in case of power failure with the plant's pumps.

William Cavalier, superintendent of Boca Raton's water and sewer network stated, "Cascade's all stainless steel was chosen, not only for the fast delivery and ease of installation, but we wanted to make sure we had the best sleeve, since all of Boca Raton depends on this primary line with no backup."

Cascade received the order to proceed with production of the largest all stainless steel tapping sleeve known to be built. Cascade's engineering department, headed by Bill Kane, produced and tested the sleeve within four weeks. Johnson & Davis, Inc. of Lantana, Fla., were the contractors that installed and field tested the sleeve.

Whether small or large, Cascade tapping sleeves come to the job site with a factory certified test. They have a serial number assigned to provide a full ten year warranty. All of Cascade's stainless steel tapping sleeves have the exclusive double O-ring throat gasket that provides more contact to the throat opening. This gives more protection at high pressure and much better beam bend protection.