Jan 17, 2018

Singapore Fielding Pitches for Water Treatment Technology

Proposed tech stands to earn $22.68 million in grants

Singapore calls on tech industry for tech to ensure water sustainability

Singapore has prompted for pitches from the city-state’s tech industry to aid in water treatment processes and operations, hoping to ensure long-term water sustainability. The money cap for the grants will be near $22.6 million.

PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, put forth the announcement on Jan. 15, 2018., which involved three Requests for Proposals (RFP).

“It is important to maximize water efficiency and lower energy use in water and used water treatment,” PUB said in its official statement.

Water demand in Singapore will likely double by 2060, and PUB hopes the technological offerings made for these will push the city-state towards greater levels of energy efficiency to account for a growing share of water use in the non-domestic sector.

“Investing in R&D is important for PUB to develop innovative water solutions that can improve the efficiency of water treatment and keep our water supply sustainable,” said Harry Seah, assistant chief executive for PUB. “Through continuous R&D over the years, we have identified several promising technologies. We want to work with technology providers and researchers to develop these technologies further and demonstrate their commercial viability.”

Of the three RFPs, the first will specifically target technology to enhance energy efficiency of water and used water treatment processes. The second calls for technology that will enhance water efficiency for industrial purposes through recycling or reduction of water consumption. The third calls for the optimization of operational efficiency.

This marks yet another initiative put forth by Singpore in order to improve water quality over past months. Submissions for the grants will be closed on March 13, 2018.