Dec 04, 2007

Water Treatment Plant Exceeds Required TOC Levels

Kings Mountain, N.C., water treatment plant fails to meet state standards for TOC levels

The Kings Mountain, N.C., water treatment plant failed to meet state standards earlier this year as the result of a bad test. Larry Deal, chief water plant operator, told The Star that one bad test threw off the plant’s otherwise high averages.

The test period, which ran between July 1, 2006, and June 30, 2007, showed that the city’s plant did not reduce total organic carbon (TOC) to the proper levels.

Mayor Rick Murphrey said the water was “a little below standards, but there were no health risks. If there would have been, the public would have been notified.”

Now, in order to combat the problems, the city plans to increase testing increments from once a quarter to once a month and adjust the pH levels in the basins.

By the time the city notified residents of the problem, it had already been solved. The notification stated that the issue had been relevant in September 2007.