Water Softener Company Gets Tough On Efficiency

P>Torrington, Conn. (May 22.2001) - InterGis, a leading developer scheduling and web based routing systems, has announced a contract with PuretecWater Services, a reverse osmosis and water softener service company.

Grown from three technicians and 9,000 customers to 33 technicians and 40,000 customers in less than ten years, Puretec Water needed a system that could improve efficiency and help the field force get to the customers. " Right now we are restricted," states John Bannen, division manager of Puretec Water, " we have more customers than we can service at this point."

By optimally routing and scheduling Puretec’s technicians based on location, expertise and availability, InterGis’ Visual Control Room (VCR) will eliminate the guess work and inefficient routes associated with other dispatching methods. the field force will be able to tighten its schedules and get more work done in the same amount of time.

" With VCR, we will be able to contact and see as many people per day as possible." In the testing phase, the system increased Puretec’s productivity by Twenty-five percent." We input our established routes into VCR and were immediately able to increase the routes by adding two service stops a day," says Bannen.

The company will also benefit from the system’s Visual Phone Response function. Puretec customer service representatives take about 300 calls a day, many which are ETA calls. Visual Control Room will automatically notify customers of appointment times via phone, fax, or email. Plus, customers will be able to call in to the system at anytime to confirm appointment times. The automatic will release customer service representatives to take more service calls and customers will have shorter hold times. " Visual Control Room will allow us to be proactive as a service company," Says Bannen.

This system will also track Puretec’s parts and inventory in the real-time. " Our resources will be better equipped. Not only will the technicians have the necessary parts with them, but the customer service representatives will be able to tell whether a part is in stock rather than assuming it its in the warehouse," says Bannen.


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