Dec 28, 2000

Water Sales Test Available On-line

Sales & Management Solutions has released its sales aptitude test designed for the water equipment sales industry. The test can be accessed and automatically scored on-line.

The test predicts the success of applicants for sales and management positions by testing their aptitude for sales, knowledge of selling techniques, honesty and ambition.

After the applicant answers 75 multiple choice questions, the applicant and the person ordering the test will receive an e-mail containing the results of the test with a complete report.

Carl Davidson, president of Sales & Management Solutions, has developed the assessment tool by testing successful sales people and managers for more than 5 years. The test has been programmed for the Internet through The Management Institute.

Sales & Management Solutions is offering a free test drive of the test for 30 days. Simply click on to order the test. For 30 days, when the form asks for a credit card number, simply enter "free trial" and you will be authorized to take one free test. After that, order as many tests as you like for only $29.95. Hiring any new sales person represents at least a $10,000 investment. Get a second, instant opinion that will predict their chances for success.

For more information, contact Carl Davidson at Sales & Management Solutions at (800) 941-0068 or by e-mail at [email protected].

(Source: Sales & Management Solutions)