Jan 29, 2010

Water Research Foundation Releasing Water Sector Workforce Sustainability Initiative Report

Feb. 4 webcast to identify solutions to workforce crisis in water utility industry

Up to half the managers, engineers and field workers at water utilities will retire in the next decade, said the Water Research Foundation. That leaves utilities vulnerable to losing critical institutional knowledge and struggling to find replacement workers. To address this impending crisis, the Water Research Foundation completed a “Water Sector Workforce Sustainability Initiative.” The final report, which analyzes the workforce crisis in the water utility industry and identifies potential solutions, was released Jan. 19.

“Baby Boomer retirements, shifting demographics and a declining number of students receiving science, engineering and technical degrees are just a few of the factors causing the workforce crisis in the water utility industry,” said Linda Reekie, project manager with the Water Research Foundation.

The report outlines ways the utility industry can address the workforce crisis, including:
&#149 Improving the water sector job image;
&#149 Identifying water sector career pathways;
&#149 Developing a water workforce resource clearing house; and
&#149 Increasing collaboration within the water utility industry.

A webcast on this project will run on February 4 at 1 p.m. MST.