May 26, 2009

Water Quality Research Foundation to Study Environmental Benefits of Softeners

Battelle Memorial Institute will conduct a study examining waste reduction, energy and cost savings of softeners

The Water Quality Research Foundation recently announced that a new, independent study will examine the theories that by extending the life of major appliances, water softeners help reduce landfill overflow, cut back on the environmental cost connected with manufacturing new devices and also save energy.

“By making sure our appliances run better with soft water, ion exchange water softeners ultimately help to protect the environment,” said Peter J. Censky, executive director of the Water Quality Association, the body that oversees WQRF. “The goal of this study is to measure the extent of energy savings that are made possible by the use of these softeners.”

The research project will test the longevity of clothes washers, dishwashers and low-flow faucets using hard and softened water. It will be conducted by the Battelle Memorial Institute, a non-profit international science and technology enterprise. Tests will be conducted using independently developed and impartial methods.

Battelle is also conducting tests to determine how much energy savings softeners can provide homeowners. The final research report for this aspect of the research is scheduled for September 2009.