Jun 28, 2016

Kamstrup Awarded Water Meter Contract in Belgium

The company's largest contract enables business growth

Belgium, water

Hydroko has awarded Kamstrup a contract to supply approximately 193,000 intelligent water meters to the city of Antwerp, Belgium. The city’s water utility, Water-Link, shared the plans at Antwerp Town Hall Thursday, June 23.

Kamstrup’s water meter contract is its largest to date. It comes as a result of Kamstrup’s technological development, which has grown its water meter business. The project will integrate Kamstrup’s MULTICAL 21 intelligent water meter with the IoT communication technology Sigfox.

“This project is testament to Kamstrup’s flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile,” said Per Asmussen, Kamstrup CEO

“The intelligent water meter is the foundation for effectively managing drinking water in a sustainable manner,” said Water-Link Project Engineer Jan Van Cappellen.

“In Kamstrup, we have found the innovative and flexible partner we needed to realize this impressive project,” said Mark Indigne, Hydroko CEO. “Internationally, we are setting the pace and this contract with Water-Link is a real milestone, not only for us.”

The pinpoint accuracy of Kamstrup’s intelligent water meters will enable Water-Link to measure extremely low flows and detect leaks, bursts and tampering—ensuring water loss is discovered quickly.

“The exact knowledge about water consumption our meters provide will allow Water-Link to optimize its operations throughout its network and provide an increased level of service to its customers,” said Kamstrup’s Senior Vice President of Water Meters, Per Trojbo.

The project will start in the coming months with a 12-month pilot of 1,000 meters. After a successful pilot, the rest of the meters will be installed near the end of 2017, with the project due to be completed in 2021.