Apr 20, 2020

The E-Series Ultrasonic Water Meter Delivers Accuracy & Reliability

Benefit from ultrasonic meters with high-measurement accuracy, long-term reliability.

badger meter e-series ultrasonic water meters

The next generation of E-Series® Ultrasonic water meters from Badger Meter are designed for high-measurement accuracy and long-term reliability. They are ideal for measuring potable cold water in commercial and industrial applications that experience wide and rapid fluctuations in water demand. Meter data provides early detection to flow, temperature and pressure disturbances to help utilities understand and proactively manage their water systems faster and more efficiently. With no moving parts, the E-Series Ultrasonic meters offer increased performance.

Select the E-Series Ultrasonic meters for:

  • Increased performance: No moving parts eliminates wear to extend performance over the life of the meter
  • Increased accuracy: Long-term sustained accuracy within ± 1.5% and extended low flow accuracy within ± 3%
  • Increased revenue: Greater turndown ratio for extended flow ranges and increased revenue
  • Increased visibility: With smart alarms and data, including pressure and temperature monitoring, E-Series Ultrasonic meters provide increased visibility to help utilities understand and proactively manage their systems faster and more efficiently


  • Open flow tube design
  • Fully electronic meter with programmable registration and reporting features
  • Meter alarms include empty pipe, exceeding max flow, reverse flow, leak, temperature, pressure and battery
  • Single and dual outputs include industry standard ASCII protocol, scaled/unscaled and 4-20mA
  • Fully submersible to withstand harsh environments
  • Lead-free bronze alloy housing complies with lead-free requirements of Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Compatible with the ORION® endpoints from Badger Meter


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