Dec 26, 2006

Water Meters Receive OIML R49 Approval for Europe

Severn Trent Services, the leading supplier of intelligent water metering, has announced the certification of its range of SmartMeter water meters to the European OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) R49 standard.
The new European Measuring Instruments Directive, effective November 1, allows electronic water meters using fluidic oscillators to be used in Europe for potable water metering. The SM150 and SM250 family of SmartMeters are both accredited for use in drinking water applications in European Union countries and are the first electronic, battery-powered domestic water meters to have successfully received accreditation to the R49 standard. The proven technology of more than 1 million electronic water meters is already in use throughout the U.K., the U.S. and the Middle East.
SmartMeters employ fluidic oscillation technology for lifelong accuracy and are unaffected by grit and air in the network. The leading edge water meters provide a range of functions to monitor leakage, supply data and prevent meter tampering, helping water companies optimize their networks. Meters are available in a variety of data output formats for integration into automatic meter reading systems.
The SmartMeter water meter was recently honored in the water storage and transportation category at the Aquatech Innovate Awards. The Innovate Awards, which recognize sustainability, innovation and energy efficiency, were announced at Aquatech Amsterdam in September.