Water Committee Issues Significant New Cyanide-Monitoring Standards

A task group of Subcommittee D19.06, Methods for Analysis for Organic Substances in Water, has developed a new ASTM Standard D 6888, test method for available cyanide with ligand displacement and flow injection analysis (FIA) utilizing gas diffusion separation and ampermetric detection. The subcommittee is part of ASTM Committee D19 on water.
"The method detects the cyanides that are free and metal cyanide complexes that are easily dissociated into free cyanide ions in the water," said John Sebroski, principal author and task group chair. Sebroski, also an environmental chemist for Environmental Testing Services, Bayer Polymers, went on to say "The new standard does not rely on distillation techniques and does not suffer from many of the interference issues that are associated with other cyanide methods. The standard will be useful to monitor cyanide in a variety of water matrices including natural water and wastewater effluent samples."
According to Sebroski, the subcommittee task group that developed new Standard D 6888 included representatives of instrument vendors, U.S. EPA, industry and environmental laboratories.


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