Wataire Industries Inc. Confirms Shipment of Commercial Atmospheric Water Generators to Belize

Wataire Industries Inc., a company dedicated to clean drinking water technology, announced the shipment of the first Commercial/Industrial Atmospheric Water Generators to Belize as per the agreement between AWC Blue Lagoon Ltd and Wataire Industries Inc. Wataire Industries has received full payment and will be shipping two of the 2500 liter Atmospheric Water Generators immediately to AWC Blue Lagoon Ltd.
In accordance with the contract signed between AWC Blue Lagoon and Wataire Industries, AWC has also received the sample HO10 Atmospheric Water Generators and has 30 days remaining to place their initial order for the Home Office Units. Representatives from both companies do not anticipate any delays in the completion of the agreement.
The commercial Water Harvesting Machines will produce 2500 liters of pure drinking water per 24-hour periods based on Relative Humidity levels in Belize. Wataire technicians have conducted intensive testing of the machines, and the results have been better than anticipated not only in production, but quality of water as well.
Water bacterial test results have been consistent and are well below the World Health Organization and Canadian Guidelines. The results of the most current water test provided to the company from Maxxam Analytics Inc, an independent testing facility in Sydney, Nova Scotia, showed ECOLI and coliforms were not detected in the company’s samples.

Wataire Industries Inc.

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