World Water Works Provides Treatment System for Specialty Hotel

The Ideal MBBR-DAF system provides wastewater treatment for a hotel in the heart of Alaska

moving bed biofilm reactor dissolved air flotation World Water Works Alaska

World Water Works Inc. provided an advanced moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) coupled to a high-rate dissolved air flotation (DAF) system—the Ideal MBBR-DAF wastewater treatment system—to a specialty hotel in Alaska.

The new Ideal MBBR treatment system provided treatment of organic material, and an Ideal DAF provided for removal of the sloughed biomass and total suspended solids material. World Water Works retrofitted the hotels existing tankage to create the Ideal MBBR treatment system and then added the Ideal DAF unit for solids clarification. The system is currently being installed, with startup expected in summer 2014.

The MBBR technology, a fixed-film biological process used for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, offers several advantages over the traditional activated sludge process (ASP). Coupling this technology with World Water Works’ high-rate DAF technology, the Ideal MBBR-DAF provides a system that is robust, efficient, compact, scalable and flexible. The Ideal MBBR-DAF, like ASP, is a low capital cost option and can often be retrofitted to existing plants, as in this case.

The technology requires less up-front capital and is less costly operationally while providing similar or better quality water than membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, another widely used municipal and industrial wastewater treatment technology. The Ideal MBBR-DAF system does not require sludge recycling and the resultant solids are multiple times more concentrated than in an ASP or MBR system.  


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