Eliminating Arsenic from Water

June 17, 2021

Why are arsenic and other trace contaminants in our water and why is it important that they’re treated effectively? In this webinar, we will dig into the problem of trace contaminants and explore the five main arsenic removal technology options. 

Arsenic is a common groundwater contaminant and public health concern, with links to cancer and other health issues. De Nora has been providing solutions to treat arsenic in groundwater for over 20 years, and has experience with multiple options for treating this contaminant of concern. If you missed our recent webinar, watch the recording today!

Watch the webinar to:

  • Learn more about the importance of removing trace contaminants from water.
  • Understand regulatory requirements - whether you’re a municipal or industrial operator.
  • Dive into the pros and cons of the five main technologies available for treatment and removal, according to the US EPA.

Speaker: Stan Shmia / Product Technology Manager, De Nora

Watch the webinar today: Eliminating Arsenic from Water

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