These four steps build coastal effluent resilience

Nov. 22, 2023
GHD's Anastasia Rudenko explains the four steps Cape Cod uses to keep its coastal waters resilient to wastewater effluent.

GHD Associate Project Manager Anastasia Rudenko talks about the challenges of coastal effluent discharge for communities like Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which not only takes its drinking water from the ground but also discharges effluent into the ground. She outlines four pillars for successful and effective effluent discharge for wastewater utilities and why they are so important.

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  • Introduction | 0:00
  • Cape Cod coastal effluent discharge challenges | 0:29
  • Effects of climate on coastal wastewater systems | 0:57
  • Overcoming challenges on the coast | 1:22
  • Building adaptive management plans | 1:57
  • Outro | 2:49

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