Wastewater, AI and aeration blower performance

July 20, 2023
Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority used AI to improve the performance of its aeration blowers. But that is only the beginning.

The intersection of wastewater and artificial intelligence brings a number of concerns for wastewater system owners, managers and operators, most notably that of trust. But once that hurdle is cleared, there are some improvements that can be achieved and operational efficiencies that can be gained.

Clint Swope, remote and systems manager for Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority (Delcora) explains how his team learned to trust artificial intelligence and the benefits it has brought to the facility. Chris MacNeel, COO at Freya Systems shares his thoughts on the future of AI in wastewater and what his team has learned during implementation at Delcora.

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  • How Delcora has used artificial intelligence | 0:54
  • Addressing the matter of trust in AI | 2:51
  • Results seen so far | 3:43
  • What Freya Systems learned | 5:12
  • What are the bounds of AI in wastewater | 7:20
  • The future of AI at Delcora | 9:40
  • Outro | 12:28

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