Wastewater Market Drivers & Equipment Innovations | WWD Weekly Digest

Aug. 4, 2022
Extreme weather and automation are driving wastewater equipment innovations.

Wastewater treatment equipment can last upwards of 50 years when maintained properly, and many units across the country are still operating well. But that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from looking at innovating age-old, trusted equipment to make operator’s lives easier.

Mark Turpin, president of Duperon, discusses he current health of the wastewater business market and how that dovetails with the next step in wastewater equipment advancement. He explains influences of the industrial and storm water markets, and what that means for the future of wastewater headworks and screens.

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  • Intro | 0:00
  • Current climate for business in the wastewater market | 0:29
  • Inflation’s impact on the industrial markets | 1:03
  • What’s driving wastewater equipment innovation? | 2:07
  • How have headworks and screens changed over time? | 3:40
  • The next step for headworks and screens innovation | 6:01
  • The macro and micro details for product testing | 10:41
  • What’s exciting about the future of the market? | 12:32
  • Outro | 14:16

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Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
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