Cyanotoxin Solution Becomes Resiliency Backbone | WWD Weekly Digest

July 25, 2022
Nicole Williams, lead engineer for Carollo Engineers, shares how an algae bloom resulted in resilience against weather events.

A treatment plant in Oregon had a cyanotoxin issue resulting in a do not drink notice. Within a few days of lifting it, they had to issue another notice. But the solution they installed not only solved this drinking water issue but also boosted the facility’s resilience to extreme weather.

Nicole Williams, lead engineer for Carollo Engineers, talks about the extent of the problems facing the utility, technology considered for treatment, and how the chosen solution saved the utility from an extreme freeze event and complications from wildfire runoff.

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  • Overview of Salem, Oregon cyanotoxin problem | 0:23
  • Technologies considered and reviewed | 2:40
  • Going beyond addressing the problem at hand | 4:09
  • Satisfaction and pride in a resilient outcome | 6:10
  • Outro | 7:04

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