Utility Recourse Options Against PFAS Polluters | WWD Weekly Digest

July 7, 2022
How do the PFAS health advisories impact legal recourse for utilities? Learn how to hold polluters accountable.

The U.S. EPA recenty announced health advisories for 4 PFAS, two of which are below the agency’s current ability to detect. What does this mean for water utilities?

Ashley Campbell is an attorney for SL Environmental Law Group, and explains some of the impacts of the PFAS HALs for utilities, what it means in a legal sense, and the recourse options that exist for water utilities. She also discusses some of the legal models used to help utilities hold polluters accountable and how they can be used for equipment upgrades or purchases necessary to address pollution.

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  • Intro | 0:00
  • What impact do legal firms see with the new HALs? | 0:43
  • How utilities can take recourse against polluters impacting their water | 2:31
  • Models and frameworks for holding polluters accountable | 4:53
  • Outro | 7:50

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