What Is Epoxy Coating? (With Induron Protective Coatings) | WWD Weekly Digest

June 14, 2022

Epoxy coatings are commonly used across industries for their protective, corrosion-resistant properties. In the water and wastewater industry, these coatings protect pipes and tanks used in the treatment and storage process. Ceramic epoxy in particular is comprised of epoxy resin that is fortified with a ceramic pigment that reduces permeability and prohibits microbial growth.

Davies Hood, President and Owner of Induron Protective Coatings, discusses the advantages of ceramic epoxy coatings, how they're manufactured and what applications utilities should use them for.

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  • Intro | 0:00
  • What are epoxy coatings? | 0:45
  • What is ceramic epoxy? | 2:40
  • What's the manufacturing process for ceramic epoxy coatings? | 3:23 
  • How can utilities choose the right coating for their specific needs? | 6:50
  • What is next for ceramic epoxy, and how will standards changes impact the technology? | 10:56
  • Outro | 13:45

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