Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant Phase III Expansion | WWD Weekly Digest

Dec. 9, 2021
While expanding the Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant, a lot of care was taken to ensure capacity of the facility was not impacted by construction.

The Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant Phase 3 Expansion required considerable coordination across numerous stakeholders to ensure plant operations were not interrupted during construction of a facility impacting three communities. Weekly maintenance and plant operations meetings ensured the project remained on schedule, and allowed the designer and contractor to gain valuable insights into the plant from operators on the ground floor.

In this video interview, Russ Wachter, design project manager for Carollo Engineers; Jeanne Jensen, CIP project supervisor for the Town of Gilbert; Joe Schroeder, project manager for the City of Mesa; Rob McCandless, lead for solids process facilities for Brown & Caldwell; Arif Rahman, deputy engineer of water resources for the City of Mesa describe how they overcame project challenges for a successful plant completion in November 2020.

  • Owners: City of Mesa, Town of Gilbert, Town of Queen Creek
  • Designers: Carollo Engineers, Inc., Brown and Caldwell, HDA Architects, EPS Group (site survey), Speedie and Associates (geotechnical), MakPro Services (public outreach), Corrosion Probe (corrosion)
  • Contractors: McCarthy Building Companies, AIMS Companies (paintings/coatings), L&L Asphalt (paving), Matrix Services (digesters), Progressive Roofing (roofing/metals), Sun Valley Masonry (masonry), Prime Controls (instrumentation & controls), K&F Electric (electrical), Sturgeon Electric (electrical)


  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Size and scale of the Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant Expansion: (0:50)
  • Town of Gilbert community background: (2:32)
  • Town of Mesa community background: (3:54)
  • The care taken to maintain capacity and operations during construction: (5:09)
  • Programming and variable frequency drive replacements: (8:50)
  • Transferring usage between new and old parts of the plant during construction: (10:20)
  • Rerouting power and communications lines: (11:11)
  • The importance of maintenance and plant operations (MOPO) meetings: (11:33)
  • Gaining insights from plant staff on powering up and down the plant: (13:39)
  • Performance since completion in November 2020: (14:24)
  • Shoutouts: (15:56)
  • Outro: (20:20)

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