Feb 07, 2017

Submerged Fixed-Film System Offers Efficient Treatment in Existing Basins

Treatment technology can adapt to each application

Demands to treat greater flows due to population growth or industrial production, in addition to increasingly stringent discharge permits, present a growing burden for wastewater treatment plants. Added complexities – such as budgets, space constraints and existing facility structures, as well as regional variations in temperature and rainfall – require treatment systems that can adapt to each application. Brentwood’s AccuFAS submerged fixed-film system offers a solution for plants requiring greater treatment capacity in existing basins, better nitrification with consistent seasonal performance and biological nutrient removal to meet strict effluent total nitrogen limits.

The design of Brentwood’s AccuFAS system combines aeration, proprietary distribution media and vertical flow media to create an airlift pumping mechanism that not only provides sufficient substrate and oxygen to the bacteria in the biofilm, but also maintains thin film thicknesses. The continuous scouring provided by the airlift pumping prevents overgrowth of bacteria in the biofilm and maximizes contaminant removal by maintaining a highly effective biofilm.

As overall biomass inventory multiplies, plants can treat more flow to a greater degree without costly basin construction. In addition to increasing treatment capacity, conventional activated sludge facilities can improve and stabilize nitrification by retrofitting existing basins with AccuFAS in an integrated fixed-film/activated sludge configuration. The same biofilm benefits translate to biological nutrient removal applications where the increased surface area enhances aerobic basin performance, making AccuFAS an economical solution for plants requiring lower total nitrogen levels.

Brentwood’s process engineers evaluate the current processes, permit requirements and site-specific needs of each treatment plant. With extensive experience in the wastewater industry and the flexible treatment possibilities of the AccuFAS system, Brentwood can custom-design submerged fixed-film solutions for every application. 

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