ZwitterCo opens Early Access Program for brackish water reverse osmosis membranes.

Nov. 3, 2023
The early access program will enable ZwitterCo to partner with some customers and manufacturers for field applications before the organic fouling-immune product’s commercial launch in 2024.

ZwitterCo, an advanced membrane technology company, has opened an Early Access Program for the company’s new brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) membranes, according to a press release.

ZwitterCo said that its BWRO elements are the first organic fouling-immune brackish water membranes in the world, which reduce cleaning frequency as much as 90%.

Membrane fouling and degradation from frequent cleaning have plagued the industry, causing excessive downtime, increased operational costs, and shorter membrane lifespan. Globally, there are tens of thousands of industrial BWRO systems that process surface water feeds and face challenges from natural organic matter (i.e. color bodies) and biogrowth, which adhere to the membrane surface and impede performance. Other high-fouling applications for BWRO membranes include secondary effluent from wastewater treatment systems and effluent polishing.

ZwitterCo claims that its unique zwitterionic membrane technology directly solves the long-standing challenges of maintaining BWRO systems. The company says its BWRO elements have been shown in testing to restore membrane performance with only a water flush, even after filtering high-fouling streams. This enables longer run-times between required maintenance, full performance restoration, and longer membrane life.

The Early Access Program will enable ZwitterCo to partner with a limited number of customers and equipment manufacturers for field applications before the product's commercial launch in 2024. Customers with distressed RO systems, or OEMs working on tough BWRO applications, who participate in the program will have the opportunity to install a full train or pilot system.

Additional benefits of the Early Access Program include special pricing and terms, involvement in ZwitterCo's technology development program, technical review of system operation, and optimization of system cleaning and maintenance.

"We are confident our zwitterionic technology will transform industrial water treatment and reuse,” said Jon Goodman, Vice President, Commercial Development of ZwitterCo. “We look forward to working with our Early Access Program members who share our mission of making water treatment more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective."

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