Stantec to lead design for Treasure Island water resource recovery facility

July 12, 2023
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission selected Stantec to lead design for Treasure Island’s new WRRF, with project completion projected for 2026.

Design and engineering firm Stantec announced that it was selected by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to lead design for a new water resource recovery facility on San Francisco’s Treasure Island.

The island has undergone decades of geotechnical improvements to make it habitable for businesses and residents. The man-made island was first developed for the World’s Fair in 1939 and later became a U.S. naval station.

It currently has a small wastewater treatment facility to serve a population of nearly 2,500 people. With projections for future development and growth to about 20,000 residents by 2032, SFPUC wants to expand capacity with the new facility.

The design-build project is being completed in partnership with PCL Construction. Design is underway and construction is expected to begin this summer. Project completion is anticipated in 2026. When finished, the facility will have an annual average wastewater treatment capacity of 1.3 million gallons per day.

“This project is pivotal to creating a sustainable environment and infrastructure for Treasure Island,” said Jignesh Desai, senior project manager at SFPUC. “Stantec’s expertise in intelligent design and wastewater treatment is setting us up for long-term success.”

The project is designed to produce minimal wastewater discharge with the goal to reuse disinfected recycled water on the island for lawns, landscaping, and community parks. A wetlands habitat will be incorporated into the wastewater treatment plant’s design to provide a habitat for native birds and plants.

In addition to its sustainable treatment processes, the wastewater treatment plant is being designed to fit aesthetically into Treasure Island’s existing development. A local artist will paint a mural on the side of the building, and Stantec is working closely with San Francisco’s Art Commission and undergoing civic design review.

Stantec and its project partners will pursue Envision™ verification with the target of achieving an Envision Gold award for the facility.

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
All images courtesy of Ecosorb.