Singapore's Tuas Reclamation Plant to House World's Largest Ceramic Membrane Bioreactor to Treat Industrial Water

Oct. 28, 2021

The system will form part of an industrial liquids module, which is used to treat industrial wastewater

Singapore's Tuas Water Reclamation Plant will house the world's largest ceramic membrane bioreactor (MBR) system to treat industrial used water.

The system will form part of an industrial liquids module, which is used to treat industrial wastewater, according to national water agency PUB, reported The Straits Times.

Koh Brothers have been appointed to install the first of two modules at the plant, with the award valued at more than $200 million. The daily treatment capacity of one module will be 16 mgd.

The second module will have the same treatment capacity for a combined daily treatment capacity of approximately 30 mgd, but the contract to install the second module has yet to be tendered, said PUB.

PUB said the plant is a component of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 (DTSS2), a $6.5 billion infrastructure project that will enhance Singapore's water sustainability by boosting PUB's capability to reclaim and recycle water.

Work is scheduled to begin in November and the first module will be commissioned by 2025 when Tuas Water Reclamation Plant is due to be ready, reported The Straits Times.

The DTSS2 is also slated for completion in 2025 and will transport used water via deep tunnels from the western part of Singapore to the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant for treatment. Ceramic membranes are projected to have a longer lifespan of 10 to 15 years compared with polymeric membranes, which last for five to seven years, according to PUB, reported The Straits Times.

The contract includes the installation of process equipment and the ceramic MBR system, said PUB. This is the ninth major Tuas Water Reclamation Plant construction contract awarded by PUB.

The plant will be equipped to receive both industrial and domestic used water streams from two separate deep tunnels for treatment. With an initial treatment capacity of 211 mgd, it will be colocated with the National Environment Agency's Integrated Waste Management Facility to collectively form Tuas Nexus.

Tuas Nexus integrates solid waste and used water treatment processes to improve overall plant performance and optimize land use.

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