Laramie Wastewater Treatment Plant to Receive $9.5 Million Loan for Aeration Upgrades

Oct. 23, 2019

A wastewater treatment plant in Wyoming is set to use a $9.5 million loan to purchase new blowers for its aeration process. 

The Laramie City Council has voted to approve the application for a $9.5 million loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to make improvements to Laramie’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

“The City of Laramie needs to make significant improvements in it's water and wastewater infrastructure,” according to the city’s website

The loan funds will primarily be used to purchase six new blowers, which are used in the oxidation ditches and aeration process, reported the Laramie Boomerang. New, larger buildings also will be built so all the blowers can be in the same place. The blowers are currently separated between two buildings, one of which will likely be demolished during the project. Additionally, some of the funds will be used to add a power generator to the plant in the event of a power outage.

“[The blowers are] all about 30 years old and reaching the end of useful life,” said Public Works Director Book Webb.

Approximately 4.5 million gallons of wastewater per day is treated by the wastewater treatment plant, according to the city’s website

If the city’s application is accepted, the loan will be a 30-year loan with a 2.5% interest rate and 25% forgiveness, according to the Laramie Boomerang. User fees would be used to repay the loan.

“The project is included in our 10-year financial plan, so it’s already included in the user fees,” Webb said. “User fees will not need to be increased for this project.”

If the city considers powering the new blowers with natural gas, the project may be eligible for green project financing, which comes with a 0% interest rate, reported the Laramie Boomerang

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