Tainted Groundwater in New York District

Nov. 21, 2018

In New York, a tainted plume is spreading below ground

The district surrounding Bethpage, N.Y., will be closing five of its nine drinking water wells, according to WCBS-TV. A tainted plume is spreading below ground. This is being attributed to Northrop Grumman's toxic dumping where radioactive elements were found in the groundwater.

The Grumman and Navy site operated form the 1930s to the 1990s, where they manufactured World War II fighter planes. According to WCBS-TV, this led to leaching, contaminating soils and groundwater.

“The fact that so many in our community are ill with cancer is disturbing,” Diane Curley, a resident, said to WCBS-TV.

Curley is currently suffering from Graves Disease and rare autoimmune disorders. Her brother has Parkinson’s Disease and her father has passed of cancer.

“We just want something done with the plume that we’ve known about for decades,” Curley said to WCBS-TV.

Resident Christine Suzan also thinks there is a problem and does not think it is being addressed is she can have two different types of cancers in two years, according to the tv station.

According to WCBS-TV the lack of prompt cleanup is the reason the Cornett family is filing a $300 million lawsuit against Northrop Grumman.

“Our experts are certain that their cancers are attributable to contamination from the groundwater plume,” said James Rigano, an attorney representing the Cornett family, said to WCBS-TV.

Northrop Grumman said in a statement it continues to work with the Navy and federal, state and local authorities to address environmental conditions in the city. According to WCBS-TV, the company will not comment on the lawsuit but says scientifically proven remedial measure are underway.

Homeowner Emmy Santiago, who is battling ovarian cancer, also has concerns.

“I have a daughter also who has multiple sclerosis and her immune system is also in jeopardy,” she said to WCBS-TV.

According to the tv station, all of these families have been drinking tap water and playing in the community park for decades.

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