Colorado Town Sees Increased Lead Levels in Water

Feb. 28, 2018
Water district near Fort Collins, Colo., warns of dangerous lead levels

The Spring Canyon Water and Sanitation District near Fort Collins, Colo., has warned citizens of increased lead levels found in water. The district serves roughly 2,100 residents near the Horsetooth Reservoir. 

In response, the district will alter its treatment procedures. This change comes following recently mandated federal testing which discovered lead levels in the area’s waters that were not compliant with regulatory action levels. 

Two samples collected had lead concentrations of 30 parts per billion while another had a concentration of 20 parts per billion. All three samples exceeded the regulatory level 15 parts per billion. The source of this uptick in lead contamination is thought to have resulted from soldering on pipes in homes. 

A February letter informing the residents of the increased lead levels suggested they have their drinking water tested in order to determine whether or not further action is necessary to ensure safety of consumption. With this new development, the state will release updated water quality reports for other districts throughout the state at the end of February.

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Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).