St. Louis MSD Facilities Withstand Flooding

May 31, 2017
Heavy rainfall in 2015 prepared district for May 2017 floods

After heavy rainfall in May 2017, the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) combated flooding from the Meramec River and protected its facilities from major damage.

In December 2015, MSD experienced similar flooding, which led to shutdown of some of its systems, including the Fenton Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Because of this experience, MSD was prepared to proactively face future flooding.

In May 2017, 7 to 8 in. of rainfall occurred over five days, causing the river levels to crest for several days following the rainfall. Before the river began to crest, MSD made preemptive efforts to prevent damage. MSD used a sandbag wall, drainage and pumping to prevent internal flooding of the plants. After approximately six days, the Fenton WWTP was staffed normally again, whereas, in 2015, it took three months for the facility to return to operation.

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Source: Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
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