Joint Venture Forms AdEdge India

Nov. 22, 2016
AdEdge Water Technologies enters joint venture with InNow India Pvt. Ltd.

AdEdge Water Technologies LLC and InNow India Pvt. Ltd. announced a joint venture to provide water treatment solutions for municipalities in India for the removal of arsenic, nitrate, radionuclides and fluoride, among other contaminants.

The joint venture will operate under the name AdEdge India and will be based in Gurgaon, India. AdEdge India will capitalize on the strong reputation AdEdge has garnered over the last decade providing more than 700 successful water treatment solutions globally and InNow’s strong understanding of the marketplace and market needs in India.

The product lines for the joint venture include AdEdge Package Units and modular systems that use a variety of treatment processes, including adsorption using Bayoxide E33, coagulation/filtration and ion exchange.

“It’s very well-known that India has some of the highest arsenic concentrations in the world,” said Rich Cavagnaro, CEO of AdEdge. “We’re excited to form AdEdge India and use our model of success from the U.S. and Latin America to bring high-quality water treatment systems that are affordable to the Indian marketplace.”

InNow India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary unit of InNow LLC, a U.S.-based company that commercializes selected emerging technologies in water and wastewater treatment applications in India and Asian countries.

Source: AdEdge Water Technologies

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