AdEdge India Starts First Arsenic Treatment System

Nov. 24, 2016
System installed in West Bengal

AdEdge Water Technologies announced AdEdge India has built and started up its first arsenic treatment system as a demonstration plant in India. The system is installed in a community called Sayestanagar in the North 24 Parganas District in the State of West Bengal.

The demonstration period will last for three months, allowing AdEdge to compete in upcoming tenders in the State of West Bengal. AdEdge India also is progressing projects in other India states such as Bihar, Assam and Punjab.

The arsenic treatment system uses Bayoxide E33 adsorptive media in the process. Bayoxide E33 is the industry standard for arsenic removal and reduces both Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V).

“Arsenic contamination in Indian subcontinent groundwater is unarguably the worst water poisoning in the world,” said AdEdge Senior Project Manager Saqib Karori. “We are excited to be given an opportunity to make a positive impact in the water quality situation in Indian subcontinent and improve the lives of the people. We have called this campaign as ‘Live Arsenic Free.’”

InNow India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary unit of InNow LLC, a U.S.-based company that commercializes selected emerging technologies in water and wastewater treatment applications in India and Asian countries.

AdEdge has extensive experience in the removal of arsenic from water, as well as other contaminants, including iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride, nitrate and uranium. AdEdge specializes in the engineering, design, manufacturing, and supply of treatment solutions, specialty medias, technologies and membranes that remove contaminants from process or aqueous streams.

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Source: AdEdge Water Technologies

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