City of Spokane to Upgrade Water Reclamation Facility

Oct. 10, 2016

Pall Corp. selected as membrane filtration provider for project

Pall Corp. was selected as the membrane filtration provider for the city of Spokane, Wash.’s Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility upgrade. The upgrade is designed to meet stringent discharge limits for phosphorus, with a goal to improve the quality of the Spokane River as part of a major initiative within the city's Integrated Clean Water Plan.

After a successful year-long pilot against submerged membrane technology conducted by CH2M, the Pall Aria FLEX system was selected based on significantly lower cost of operations. Key selection criteria that favored the Pall offering included higher water recovery, simple integrity testing, lower overall maintenance and ease of construction. In addition, the Pall system achieved the phosphorus limit goal of 18 ppb, consistently producing effluent between 9 and 13 ppb. Overall, the Pall Aria FLEX pressurized membrane offering provided the lowest total cost of ownership while meeting the city’s treatment goals. 

“While both systems clearly achieved the phosphorous removal limit, the Pall offering allows us to meet our treatment goals in an easy to use system," said Mike Taylor, next level of treatment program manager, City of Spokane. “After a rigorous qualitative and quantitative evaluation of both offerings, the Pall system was our first choice. We are excited to work with the Pall team and look forward to achieving our Cleaner River Faster goal.”

The Aria FLEX system was designed to treat a maximum monthly average wastewater flow of 50 mgd and a 12-hour peak flow of 75 mgd. The custom system is engineered to successfully treat seasonal algae and other unique characteristics of wastewater that is discharged into Spokane River. In addition, a member of Pall’s Aria CARE service team will be onsite for support during the first year. This project will be the largest upgrade at the plant, which currently treats 34 mgd.

“Spokane’s integrated clean water plan is incredibly admirable and ambitious and will set a gold standard for how municipalities can modernize their treatment infrastructure for the betterment of residents and their natural environment," said Mitch Summerfield, general manager for Pall’s water division. "We are excited to work with Spokane and other municipalities as they tackle large-scale water reuse and reclamation challenges."

The use of Pall filtration units at the Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility is part of the city of Spokane’s Integrated Clean Water Plan, which is a major, multi-year initiative aimed at improving the health of the Spokane River. The initiative encompasses a variety of projects totaling $310 million in capital investments. CH2M is the design firm. Construction of the facility, through a joint venture of MWH Constructors and Slayden Constructors, is scheduled to be complete in early 2020 with the plant operational by the end of that year. To learn more about water reuse and the Aria FLEX system, visit

Source: Pall Corp.

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